We need to elevate the level of sports discourse in these parts, therefore, we’re laying some new ground rules:

Think about it though. “Adjustments” is such a bland term. It has no meaning. “Jonathan Gannon needs to make some adjustments here!” Be specific. He needs to show single-high safety? Does he need to load the box? Tell me what you actually want to see.

“Exposed” is probably worse. Fans of opposing teams love to say this. “The Eagles got exposed!” Bro the run defense has been iffy all year long. We didn’t learn anything from Monday night’s loss that we didn’t already know. And when you lose a game, you watch the film, fix the mistakes, and recalibrate. People use “exposed” as though it carries some kid of permanence, which it does not.

Enough already with these throwaway words. They mean absolutely nothing.