Why Were Phillies Fans at the Astros Parade?

via @ballinandy24 on Twitter

I can’t believe these Phillies fans stayed in Houston just to brawl in the middle of a parade. They were probably fighting over who gets to marry Bryson Stott:

You gotta give it to the Phillies fan going undercover in the Bregman jersey. She’s fighting up two weight classes and held her own after she originally got ragdolled.

Absolutely dog walked her after. Must be from Cheltenham:

That had to be the only Phillies fans at the Astros parade because when we toss beer at politicians it’s a friendly hello. Ted Cruz thought he was under attack. Act like you’ve been there before. He’s gotta catch this White Claw and shotgun it. That’s how you win the state back:

P.S. Oh shit. This is the guy who threw the beer? He’ll probably has a scholarship waiting to play point guard at Villanova: