You knew this was coming:

As of publication, the poll was 55% in favor or no, and 45% for yes.

I just can’t help but laugh at this shit. I kept thinking to myself last night, “well at least they’ll have something to talk about on the radio.” It was barren out there with all of that winning! Nothing to bitch and whine about when the Birds are 8-0. I mean, for Christ’s sake, they were talking all last week about whether or not losing a game would be beneficial in the long run. Now they got their wish.

Instead of asking surface-level questions, directed at the dumbest portion of Eagles fans, what we should do is talk about things that ACTUALLY matter, like philosophy and design. This defense is schemed to prevent big plays, and they do just that. The Eagles have been the #1 team all season long in limiting plays of 20+ yards. According to the Sport Radar data, they’ve given up a total of 22  of those this year, just ahead of Dallas, the Rams, and Jets. So when you design your defense largely to contain, you are soft in the middle, hence a run defense that now ranks 20th overall, giving up 124.8 yards per game on the ground. It’s been good enough to get them this far, as the offense builds leads and the D does enough with turnovers and prevention to limit overall points on the board. We’d all be naive, however, to think you can do the same thing over the course of 17 games with no issues, especially with guys like Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham now on the wrong side of 30.

You’re facing some tough runners over the next few weeks in Jonathan Taylor, Aaron Jones, Derrick Henry, and Saquon Barkley. Brutal! However, it’s a great test of how Gannon adapts. Without Jordan Davis in there, and Avonte Maddox on IR, do you think about playing more 4-3 and going linebacker-heavy? The Eagles are largely a nickel team, but with Maddox not there, your CB depth drops off drastically after him. It likely makes sense to stack the box here and live with whatever the 3rd linebacker has to do in coverage. Man up on the outside, play some single-high safety, and beef up the line of scrimmage. If you get beat by Matt Ryan or Daniel Jones through the air, so be it, just don’t let yourself be cooked by those running backs.

Then there’s the usage of the three-DT front, which Davis excels in. They’ve still run this Bear front without him, usually with Marlon Tuipulotu in there, but it’s another thing to Gannon to think about. You’ve got two key defensive players out. You’ve got GREAT running backs on the schedule. How does he adapt and will he deviate from his philosophy? These are the real questions to ask, not generic “should this guy be fired?” bullshit after the first loss of the season.

The WIP Morning Show STINKS. Keeping Philadelphia sports fans angry and dumb for 30+ years.

EDIT – they wanna fire Clay also (a question actually worth asking since he’s not that good) –