The pre-sale for A Philly Christmas Special album was today and it sold out in three minutes. I knew this shit was gonna be big, but I didn’t know it was that big. They ended up selling six-times the number of albums they anticipated. Is this going to end up on the Billboard charts? The guys raised $100,000 for The Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Treatment Center. Awesome gesture that’s gonna go a long way:

Of course though pieces of shit have to ruin it. With every major ticket, album, and sneaker release there are re-sellers and bots looking to take advantage of a process that has no guardrails. It’s one of the lowest forms of making money. Using someone else’s name, hard work, and talent to profit while real fans of the artists and athletes are left screwed. It takes a special scumbag to buy an album for charity and turn around and sell it for triple. Look at these pieces of shit already listing it on eBay:

Don’t worry this one going for $600 definitely, 1000% “benefits charity”:

The signed copies that were released in different Eagles Pro Shops are listed for $4k:

These people should be dragged from their houses to City Hall and forced to play Bull in the Ring with Jordan Mailata, Lane Johnson, and Jason Kelce for an hour.

If you did miss out on one, here’s an opportunity to get an album and do some good in the process. One Eagles fan is auctioning off her album to support the Christian Street YMCA. Details in the tweet below:

Also, it wasn’t all a loss. We found out Connor Barwin has absolutely no idea how to use Twitter. If someone held a gun to Barwin’s head and asked him to thread a tweet, next year’s Christmas album would need a new producer: