Eagles Fans Let the Titans Know They Messed Up in Trading A.J. Brown

via @Alexslerr on Instagram

The Titans were reminded that they should’ve paid A.J. Brown:

This lady was letting the Titans’ box know what number A.J. was in case they forgot:

That main character in the video is Bryce Wasserman, a lawyer for the Titans. He wasn’t even a part of the trade. Who cares? Drag him anyway. He played lax at Monmouth, but grew up in Texas right outside of Dallas. He understands what Eagles fans are like and even worse, he’s probably a Cowboys fan so fuck him. The double birds were warranted.

Kevin wrote earlier today about the appreciation people should have for A.J. Brown. Thank God his family decided to settle in Boyertown. In some sort of weird alternate universe, Kinker is born in a Nashville hospital and writes for a site called Crossing Broadway where he writes the same post for Brown in February of 2022 that makes it all the way to the Titans front office and they decide to get a deal done. Forever changing the course of history and the 2022 Eagles season.

Instead Titans’ owners had to watch A.J. Brown dish out a whooping: