We’ve now seen it all:

Look, no disrespect to Vince, who gave a half-decade of his career to the Phillies organization at various levels and could throw at 20% speed and make me whiff every time, but the hype/promo video should be reserved for marquee signings. Trea Turner should get a hype video. Carlos Correa should get a hype video. Even that Japanese bastard who insulted baseball fans at large by signing for the Red Sox should get a hype video.

This is, however, the Pirates we’re talking about here, a team with a grand total of one playoff win since 1992. These jokers have the ambition of a Berks County high school drop out, so maybe landing Vinny Velo is a big deal for them.

This would be like the Houston Texans signing Cole Beasley and then making a video for him. It would be like the 2010 Sixers signing Brian Scalabrine and whipping something together.