Giants reporter checking in with a spinzone that the Giants taking it from behind by the Eagles actually didn’t matter:

Here’s a crazy thought. What if they won both? I don’t know about you, but I think winning in the NFL is the most important thing you can do. Could you imagine Jeff McLane trying to tell us a Sunday loss during a playoff race didn’t matter? Eagles fans would come for his head. You play to win the game*:


Every game matters this late in the season during a playoff race. The reason the Giants are the seventh seed right now is because they lost a tiebreaker to the Commies since they have less wins in the NFC East. I know their playoff hopes rest on this week, but they would’ve had more outs had they beaten the Birds on Sunday. Instead they shit they bed and now you have Giants reporters tweeting it actually didn’t matter that they were embarrassed in front of their fans. Tell that to the guy who spent $60 on parking.

I bet the Giants would’ve loved to have a couple more wins tucked under the belt in 2020:

*Unless of course your season is over and you have the chance to draft the Heisman winner.