Is the Eagles Ball Security Drill Just An Excuse to Punch Players?

via @cfranklinnews on Twitter

This is an awesome drill. Imagine people asking what you do for the Eagles and your response is I beat the shit out of them for a living:

There’s a frustrated head ball coach introducing this drill to his Pop Warner team this week. It’s the greatest drill for coaches to blow off a little steam. Running back misses an assignment? Ball security drill. One of the big uglies misses weight? Ball security drill. One of the kids talks back? Guess who has a date with the ball security drill? Parents are going to wonder why the coach is punching their children, but he’s got a get out of jail free card. All he has to say is the Eagles do the drill. If it is good enough for the Eagles it is good enough for the Lansdale Cannoneers.

This dude just loves beating the shit out of the Eagles: