Jonathan Gannon Channels his Inner Andy Reid in 3rd and 30 Explanation

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The beat writers asked Jonathan Gannon about 3rd and 30 on Tuesday afternoon and the defensive coordinator morphed into Andy Reid, mid-response:

Q. The 3rd and 30, what was the call? What was the breakdown there? (Tim McManus)

JONATHAN GANNON: It’s me. I have to do a better job of coaching what I want out of that call. I’m not going to get into specifics of the call, but I liked the call. But looking back at it, we have to do a better job putting our guys in position to make that play and get off the field because you can’t give up a 3rd and 30. That was a play in that game that I felt like was a little bit of a tipping point when we let them convert and then they scored that drive, that hurts the ball club.

Got to do a better job myself.

Q. Was disguise involved in the call? (Jeff McLane)

JONATHAN GANNON: There’s always disguise in every call, depending on what the situation, the down and distance, everything like that. But ultimately it falls on me, and have to get our guys in better position to make that play.

Alright, so we had three usages of “do a better job” and then ended it with a “get our guys in better position. Throw in a couple of throat clearances and Gannon is more or less Big Red himself.

It’s funny because Nick Sirianni and his coordinators have gone in opposite directions with the media. Sirianni is great at dicing up the lettuce and tomato and creating a scrumptious word salad. Gannon and Steichen have mastered the art of saying nothing at all, especially Steichen, who might be the most boring quote of all time. They make Mike Groh look like an artisan wordsmith. They make Doug Pederson look like Winston Churchill at the podium.

Time’s yours. <cough, cough>