LeSean McCoy is in the holiday spirit:

Dak is ass. Ass is Dak. Spot the lie.

He’s got 10 picks in eight games since he came back from injury. He’s sailing easy throws over his receivers’ heads:

People were ballwashing him for leading the Cowboys on a game-winning drive AGAINST THE 1-11-1 TEXANS two weeks ago! These were back to back plays:

If the Texans weren’t aggressively tanking and punch that ball in from the five, this game on Christmas Eve doesn’t mean shit. Imagine making those two bonehead plays and then saying this:

Hey dumbass, they’re in this position because of you!

He’s also made of paper mache and has one playoff win knocking on the door of 30. People are going to sit and tell you that the Cowboys gave up 40 points and forget that Dak accounted for at least 14 of them. I can’t believe Micah Parsons had the balls to call Jalen Hurts a system QB when he’s got a guy under center who’s a major reason the Cowboys have struggled the last two weeks. Get your own house in order before you worry about ours.