The Mets introduced their new Japanese pitcher on Monday and he said this:

This will be twisted and misinterpreted. People will take it to mean that he’s calling out the Phils or some shit, but in my mind he’s probably just excited for a challenge and wants to test himself against the best hitters in the division.

Regardless, bookmark this story. Save the quote. When the Phillies play the Mets for the first time in May, we’ll dust this off when Bryce Harper (edit – fuck I forgot he’ll still be out by then) lights him up with a three-run bomb. People will do the “fuck around and find out” tweets. They’ll probably write the “careful what you wish for!” posts today.

Anyway, quick note here –

This guy throws something called a “ghost forkball,” which sounds pretty sick. It’s a split-finger joint that just dies over the plate:

Nasty. I can see Kyle Schwarber whiffing on a few of these, then going yard on a 0-2 count.