Phillies follow up the Trea Turner move with this:

Walker was most recently a Met. A 6’4″ righty with a career 3.89 ERA. He was an All Star two years ago (replacing deGrom) and is a ground ball pitcher, certainly throwing more to contact than making guys whiff.

This is a good addition behind the top three guys. He’s a mid/back end starter, so that group of Zack Wheeler/Aaron Nola/Ranger Suarez and then Walker is pretty solid on paper. If Andrew Painter is ready to go and gets a chance, then buckle up boys and girls and let’s ride! Hopefully not like Russell Wilson though.

There was Carlos Rodon talk, obviously, but Walker didn’t have a qualifying offer, so no draft pick attached and no loss beyond the money they’re paying him. Four years and 72 million seems like a lot, but that’s the market these days, and the Phillies are spending now because they’re in it to win it.