It’s been 50 long years, but Kris Kringle has finally forgiven Eagles fans for throwing snowballs. Not gonna lie, I could’ve used a little more ownership on his end for being a boozebag back in the day:

Here’s the entire video, to give you a gameday experience for an Eagles road trip with Phans of Philly:

Shout out to Phans of Philly for bringing us along to Chicago. It’s nuts how seamless Joe made over 200 people’s lives (a small trip for them) all weekend. The dude has everything down to a science, from travel, hotel, game tickets, and transportation to and from the stadium. I was living like a king in the Embassy Suites:


They also do Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers trips too. You don’t even have to travel with them to be a part of the experience. You can get an AirBNB with your buddies and purchase just tailgating packages. This was their last away game of the year, but lets just say the next opportunity you have to travel with them could be Super…