Have you been paying attention? Temple basketball is back. They’re the only basketball team in the area worth following at this point. The only thing keeping them from owning the city is the Trea Turner news and the fact the Eagles are 11-1. I expect them to fully capture Philly’s hearts right after the Super Bowl and before Spring Training. They’re going to own that little sliver of mid-February/early-March as they make a run to the tournament so you might as well get on board now.

They’re honestly a team for everyone. Do you like scoring? Meet Khalif Battle. Do you like hard nosed defense and a guy that makes his free throws at a 90+% clip? Tell your dad Damian Dunn is his guy. Do you like drop steps and dudes who put their shoulder through a poor defender’s solar plexus? Focus on Jamille Reynolds tonight. You have the classic tough-nosed Philly guard in Hysier Miller that is coming into his own. If all of that doesn’t do it for ya they’re the hottest team in Philadelphia. Don’t believe me? Numbers never lie. Here are the longest winning streaks in the city right now:

  • Temple – 3
  • Eagles – 3
  • Villanova, La Salle – 1
  • Sixers, SJU, Penn, Wings, Phillies – 0

They control their own Big 5 destiny:

Tonight they tip off against St. Joes at home and let me tell you Jameer Nelson ain’t walking through that door. The Owls are 10.5 point favorites and I’m telling you to responsibly take the Owls. They’ve been on a scoring tear lately and are 2-0 ATS in Big 5 games and 3-0 if you count the City 6 (I do). Also, St. Joes harbored a terrorist last year:

People don’t forget.

I’ll be there tonight to witness history.