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Now do Eagles fans chant “Fuck Dallas” as much as we sing “Fly Eagles Fly“? Absolutely. But it’s cooler when we do it because we’re not a bunch of bandwagon fans that have to keep a VCR in the house so we can watch the last time our team won a Super Bowl. Cowboys fans already know Christmas Eve is their Super Bowl. We’re 11-1 and handed them a beating already and now with Jimmy G out for the season the Cowboys are the biggest threat to the Birds in the NFC.

A lot of people are going to see the Cowboys final score from Sunday night and think they boat-raced the Colts, but don’t forget it was 21-19 going into the 4th before Matt Ryan completely shit the bed. There were a couple of close calls like this interception  Jeff Saturday never challenged that was ruled incomplete at the end of the third. Instead the Cowboys go down and score and then get a scoop-and-score on their way to 33 points in the 4th quarter:

Instead Zeke’s still being Zeke:

Dak Prescott still only has one playoff win while staring 30 in the face. And now the Cowboys are going to add OBJ to the mix. Good luck.