Here is the third song release off the Eagles Christmas album, A Philly Special Christmas. This one is a rendition of Merry Christmas Baby featuring Jordan Mailata and Lady Alma:

Am I an idiot for not knowing this song? Don’t blame me. Blame B-101 for not throwing the Otis Redding version in the daily rotation while I was growing up. I can recite We Wish You A Merry Christmas word for word because it played twice every hour. Bring us some frickin’ pudding.

Either way a soulful ballad from Mailata and Lady Alma. Not my cup of tea. You think they’ll release War is Over with the Philly Children’s Choir? If so that will get 10/10 Kelce Claus’.

Today’s release I’ll give it 6/10:

Here’s also a mini-doc on the making of the album: