The Padres were willing to make Trea Turner the highest paid SS in MLB history:

He told them to kick rocks because all he wanted to do was be a Phillie and reunite with Bryce, Schwarbs, and Kevin Long. One of us! One of us!

Now this could be the part where someone who knows something about tax law tells you that signing for $342 million in California only nets you $170 million over the life of the deal, and signing for $300 mil in PA nets you roughly $179 million, but where is the fun in that? You can acknowledge Trea technically is making more money playing for the Phillies or you can say the guy is a team player because his AAV is lower and stretched out over 11 years, which gives the Phillies flexible options to build around him. I prefer the latter. Trea Turner is as blue collar as the Local 401 ironworkers building the new 152-foot tall Phillies scoreboard with 11.6 million pixels that will show every Trea Turner hit in Ultra-Mega-Holy Shit-HD for the entirety of his contract. There’s no need to squabble over California state income tax vs. PA. We have Trea Turner and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

If the Padres really wanted to get this done, they would’ve had the Archdiocese of San Diego get involved. Nobody is more experienced negotiating payouts from Padres more than them.