Kinkead: here’s video of the Packers fan starting the confrontation. Also, if you’re one of the people who jumped in the Facebook comments saying “this guy has special needs,” you’re an idiot. You don’t know anything about the guy’s mental state and making that assumption is a ridiculous thing to do. 



Holy shit I need an entire six-part Last Dance-type series on these two and what happened that it got to the point where there was an attempted murder:

Here is an alternate angle, which looks even crazier:

The way he rolls down those steps was like the scene where Indiana Jones is being chased by the boulder:

Lets break it down:

I don’t know what started it, but the belly bump from the Packers fan definitely decided it. You can’t let another grown man belly bump you, even if it might’ve been by accident due to your opponent’s rather large cylindrical mass. In the first five seconds of combat, it looked like it was going to be a couple punches and maybe a headlock until someone jumped in. But all bets were off when the Bears fan tried to clothesline the dairy cow to the 100 level:

This is where the Bears fan lost me. The Packers guy’s pants start to come off and the Bears fan thinks this is the proper time for a good cheese curl. Now, I’m all for a good unsuspecting cheese curl, but this isn’t time to be checking the oil. Dipping your index finger in there is like dipping your finger into radioactive waste:

TIMBER! I’ll be honest, I originally thought it was a dive from the Packers fan. The Bears fan put all of his weight behind that push. He was out for blood.

Backside Boardslide!

Didn’t this guy ever play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2? It’s all about combo grinds:

You ever want to know what a human slinky would look like?

Hey man, I don’t want to nitpick since your brains are splattered all over the steps of section 325, but the Packers shirt with Bears scarf is a rough look:

We were about to see all the king’s men try to put Humpty Dumpty together again, but arch angel mid-western Karen shows up with her best Rod Stewart haircut to defuse the situation. Is that a back part?

Anyway, this Packers fan has no other option but to murder the Bears fan. There is no coming back from this. This dude just tossed you down a flight of steps like you were trash. Making a Murderer 3 is going to be awesome. Hope this guy taped Wrestlemania.