Union schedule:

Alright so here’s the breakdown:

  • all 34 regular season games available on “MLS Season Pass,” the new Apple TV subscription service
  • one game simulcasted on FOX
  • two games simulcasted on FS1
  • the CONCACAF Champion’s games are broadcasting on FOX and Univision (split rights holders)

The short version here is that if you’re a casual fan and don’t want to pay for the new MLS subscription service, you’ll be able to watch three regular season Union games on “normal” TV, plus Champion’s League, however far they go in the tournament. Everything else is now behind the paywall. I’ve written in the past that I think this sucks major ass, because last year the games were on PHL17, which Comcast and FIOS customers had access to. On the flipside, there are no more blackouts and you don’t have the issue of YouTube TV subscribers not getting PHL17, so there are some benefits here, but I largely think this blows and casuals are probably gonna tune out after the Union just turned in their best season of all time.

I’m gonna pay $99 a year to watch the Union, but I don’t think Johnny in South Jersey will do so. The future of Major League Soccer certainly doesn’t depend on Johnny’s fandom, but it just feels goofy to me to take a growing league and shove the content behind a paywall, no matter how much money Apple is paying you. Serenity now!