You want to know why Miles Sanders is top-5 in rushing? It’s not because he has the best O-Line in the NFL blocking for him. He’s about to reach 1,000 yards rushing for the first time in his career because he’s getting the greatest head in the world before games. Miles Sanders’ sneaky link made a TikTok exposing his love for head before games. For anyone who doesn’t know what a sneaky link is the great people at Urban Dictionary define it as:

“When you and another person are fucking but don’t want anyone to know about it.”

This is the video the Throat Goat put out exposing their DMs:

I just wish we had timestamps for these messages so we could cross reference with his performances. Those are the only Next Gen Stats I’ll recognize:

I don’t know what this girl is exposing. Is it that Miles Sanders likes to get his dick sucked? Get in line. He that is without a love for head, cast the first stone. Also, I’ve never been in a relationship where you only talk through Instagram DMs and only hang out when you want to have sex. Not slut shaming or nothing, but I think this girl’s lines were crossed. She did have front row seats to the Vikings MNF game though, so maybe they were something at one point. Or maybe the head was just amazing and he wanted to keep her happy:


♬ Summer Too Hot – OJ The DJ

But now that they’re over you think we can get Superhead over to Reed Blankenship’s house before Sunday? Gonna need a big game from him.

Miles Sanders when Jalen Hurts asked why he was a little late getting to the locker room: