Monday afternoon, Carlos Rodon’s wife hopped on Twitter, which according to her bio she only uses every five days, to like a tweet that Trea Turner was signing with the Phillies:

What does it mean? Maybe nothing. But Turner and Rodon were teammates and roommates at NC State:

Also, Ashley Rodon liked enough pro-Phillies tweets during the World Series run that where there is smoke, there has to be fire:



via @AshleyRodon on Twitter

Seems like someone that wouldn’t mind sitting in the WAGS section at CBP.

Now, here is the part where I pour some cold water on that massive Rodong you have in your pants right now. According to Matt Gelb at The Athletic (with ads) the Phillies aren’t done with moves, but those moves will unlikely feature Rodon due to him already being extended a qualifying offer:

The Phillies are not done. They are pursuing a starter for the middle of the rotation — not Carlos Rodón or even Chris Bassitt or Nate Eovaldi because all of them are attached to qualifying offers. There are decent alternatives to augment the rotation. Then, the Phillies will pluck a setup man or a few middle relievers from a large pool of available free-agent bullpen arms.

The Phils already had to surrender two draft picks and $1 million for signing Turner. We’ll see though. In Dave I trust.