I like Tom Rinaldi. He did a great job as the cry guy on ESPN and has continued that on Fox every Saturday during Big Noon Kickoff. But is Tom Rinaldi really that important he’s jet setting from Qatar, to NJ, to Ohio, Dallas, Kansas City, and back to Qatar in eight days? Who the fuck is asking for this much Tom Rinaldi?

And don’t get it twisted. I don’t blame Rinaldi. If Crossing Broad wanted to send me on an eight day trip around the world for free who am I to say no? But isn’t it just as easy to livestream him in to World Cup coverage? They already have Jenny Taft on the sideline. They obviously have Alexi Lalas, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, and sometimes Carli Lloyd on the pre- and postgame. They have reporters out there covering the game. Let Rinaldi introduce his Tyler Adams spot from his home in NJ or wherever he needs to be for that week’s college or NFL game. It just seems like a misuse of funds when Fox Sports doesn’t even send announcers to every Power 5 football game they broadcast:

There’s definitely some dude who was fired from Fox Sports who’s wondering how he’s going to pay for his kid’s Christmas presents seething with anger every time he sees Rinaldi on his television, but then welling up with tears as listens to the story about a Michigan player dedicating his season to an eight year old fan with incurable cancer.