What do you think of AJ Brown’s acting chops? –

Not bad. Not great. He’s paid to catch passes, not deliver lines like Denzel. Though authenticity is key when selling a product and Old Spice missed an opportunity not using someone from Delco as the PR guy calling for A.J. to get to the podium.

“Dood! Yous need tew be at the podium!”

What’s the age demo for Old Spice nowadays? I used Old Spice Denali all throughout college. “Fresher than the wilderness and freedom” was the tagline. Women love men who smell like the peaks of Alaska. Now I use Dove Men Care because I’m an adult. Which one? The 3 in 1 of course. With my job I don’t really leave the house so I’m looking for two things – how long can I go without taking a shower and how quickly can I get out of the shower? I gotta say I’ve reached maximum efficiency.

Nothing will ever compare to the invention of AXE. I tore a hole in the ozone layer with the amount of body spray I used in grade school. The AXE Body Wash, deodorant, body spray combo was lethal. Pair that with the messy hair pomade and no girl at the CYO dances would know what hit them.

P.S. Eagles players really know how to shuck some Old Spice: