There’s a good chance I’ve interviewed the spawns of each dude in this video, in a piss-soaked Jetro lot:

I’ve seen about 20 people in this video who I’d kill to go back in the day and talk to. These dudes in the hard hats would probably call for Jeremiah Trotter to dismember Brad Johnson:

Big #69 Jon Runyan would probably want the Eagles to run the ball 50x right down Derrick Brooks’ throat. He’d then proceed to chug his beer and get 20% of it actually in his mouth:

This dude would’ve done a light 500k views on TikTok: 

Lobster Joe probably would’ve said something bad about Mayor John Street I’d have to cut out during the editing:

It would’ve been electric! Once they invent time machines I promise you the first thing I do is go back to January 19th, 2003 and interview these guys.

Here’s the entire thing. When it starts off with “Fuck you Mark! You Pussy!” it can only go up from here. Hold my calls. I’m watching this for the rest of the afternoon: