Bart Scott Blamed Tee Higgins for the Damar Hamlin Incident

Photo Credit: Eric Seals / USA TODAY NETWORK

Missed this Tuesday with all of the Skip Bayless hysteria. Bart Scott blamed Tee Higgins on First Take for the Damar Hamlin incident:

What a load of shit. Like two diapers full of Gerber peas, just the nastiest shit you’ve ever seen, so much that you can’t believe a human being could produce that much amount of shit, type of shit. The last person anyone should be blaming is Tee Higgins. Especially cause Bart Scott was actually wrong:

How are these dudes allowed to say anything on TV with no repercussions? Like how many times did you watch that Damar Hamlin hit? 50? 100? It was everywhere. You could watch it one time and know Higgins didn’t lower his helmet into Hamlin’s chest. Even if Bart Scott fucked up, why even bring it up? I mean think about Tee Higgins. Imagine almost killing a guy and then having to listen to Bart Scott drag you the next day:

I fucking hate sports debate shows. I don’t know anyone who watches First Take or Undisputed, but there must be a ton of people who wake up in the morning that yearn for Stephen A and Skip Bayless’ thoughts so much that these media companies pay them millions to spew bullshit.

One more thing:

I also saw people defending Skip, saying that his tweet wasn’t that bad. Listen, when you have multiple examples of saying dumb shit you don’t get afforded a leash like you or I do. When you question Troy Aikman on his sexuality, say Dak can’t be depressed over his brother dying because he’s the Dallas Cowboys QB, the Hamlin tweet, and needling LeBron while praising Tim Tebow for views, your leash is shorter than others. Skip doesn’t have any bullets left in the chamber to fuck up. He’s used all of them. You rob a bank three times you don’t get probation. You go to jail for a long time… unless you do it in Philly. He’s made a career on shitty takes and saying fucked up things for entertainment purposes. So when he says something even close to it, even if it’s two tweets after his original thought, he hasn’t afforded himself the luxury of a long leash and I’m okay with people taking it out of context.