Breaking News: Daniel Jones Did The Griddy

via John Clark

Eagles might as well not show up on Saturday. Daniel Jones is griddying at Giants practice:

One griddy and one NVP in a 24 hour span? Watch out Birds:

Now if I was as insecure as Giants fans worrying about what Nick Sirianni was eating during film study, I’d say it looks like the Giants know it’s over. It looks like they’re just happy to be there. Like half of them already have their plane tickets to Cancun in their cart and all they need to do is to hit purchase. Daniel Jones griddying before battle is unserious behavior. Do you think the troops were griddying before storming the beaches of Normandy? Then again, if I was in line for $47 million a year for only throwing 15 touchdowns I’d griddy from East Rutherford to my apartment in Hoboken. Sidenote: Franchise QBs don’t live in Hoboken. Be an adult and get a penthouse in Trump Tower like the greatest leader that city has ever seen.

I’d hate to see it if I was a Giants fan. Hate to see it. Especially cause it stunk.

Lets get some seasoning on that Griddy: