Steph Driver was laid off:

Looks like Vox is killing Broad Street Hockey and all of their hockey sites entirely:

Vox Media owns all of the SB Nation brands, so here in Philadelphia it’s Broad Street Hockey, Bleeding Green Nation, Liberty Ballers, The Good Phight, and Brotherly Game. I haven’t seen any layoffs or news regarding those other sites, but will keep an eye out.

Vox has basically been on a rollercoaster over the years. The writers unionized, then they were furloughed during the pandemic, and then there was a lawsuit filed against the company. It’s more or less been a shit show going back to 2019.

BSH subtweeted the shit out of Crossing Broad over the years, so we hit ’em with the Big Fendi meme as the header photo. No apologies. A perfectly fair response to a site that was never fair to us. They never cited us or linked to us, crapped all over Anthony’s reporting, openly questioned Bundy’s character, and always thumbed their noses at CB like we were shitstains on a hockey carpet, so I’m gonna back my guys here and hit ’em one more time. Nothing personal, strictly business: