The Broad Street Run is typically held every year during the first Sunday in May, but due to a 1:35pm Phillies game on the 7th against the Red Sox, it’ll be taking place on April 30th this year.

Via Victor Fiorillo at Philly Mag:

This year, the first Sunday in May is May 7th, and that just so happens to be same day that the Phillies are scheduled to take on the Red Sox in a 1:35 p.m. game at Citizens Bank Park.

So, the organizers of the Broad Street Run have moved the race to Sunday, April 30th, when the Phillies will be away in Houston. This is reportedly the first time that the Broad Street Run has happened in April.

Here’s an idea for the future of the race:

Do it like Boston does Marathon Monday. In Boston they have the game at 11 a.m. so by the time it finishes people can go cheer runners on at the 25 mile mark. How about the city and Phillies do the race as a lead-in to a Sunday afternoon game? It makes even more sense now that they’re moving the finish line from the Navy Yard to K Lot. The Navy Yard finish line made no sense. You’d run the 10 miles, get your tinfoil cape, a medal, and then have to walk a mile back to either celebrate at Xfinity Live! with your buddies or grab the subway. Imagine coming around that corner onto Pattison Ave in a gorilla suit or dressed like A.I. while a bunch of drunks tailgating cheer you on:

It would make you feel like Rocky training through the streets of Philadelphia: