Jesus Christ, is this the same franchise that’s won four Super Bowls or a NFL doormat beating the worst #3 seed in NFL history? Hammer the Eagles next week because the Giants just won their Super Bowl. LT didn’t even lift his head from his mountain of Colombian bam bam to acknowledge this team beat a squad with a negative point differential while the Giants threw a party in the locker room:

Are Eagles fans really worried about the Giants?

“Kyle they had the Eagles’ number in Week 18.”

Shane Steichen was allowed to use like 40% of the playbook because of Jalen Hurts’ shoulder.

“This Daniel Jones is different.”

The same Daniel Jones who had 15 touchdowns during the season because Brian Daboll took the ball out of his hands so he didn’t have the opportunity to fuck up?

“Kayvon Thibodeaux is going to wreak havoc on Jalen Hurts.”

Listen, Kayvon Thibodeaux isn’t the first guy to be neutralized wearing a top hat:

This has a three score game written all over it. You give Eagles fans 12 hours to lubricate and this team two weeks to prepare for you and get healthy. It’s 35-14 and Gardner Minshew might get some burn. Can’t wait to send this North Jersey trash back to the toxic waste dumps they crawled out of: