Eagles fans are getting into form. I’ll be honest. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t understand the sign. Why did he censor “the” and not “fuck”? Maybe someone understands what this alien is talking about but I’m confused:

One thing I do know is this guy looks like Donald Sterling’s girlfriend trying to escape the paparazzi:

Things are getting weird inside and outside the NovaCare Complex. Nick Sirianni is craving Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust while watching the Giants/Vikings game with his coaches. When there are 100 better spots around there:

Now don’t get me wrong sometimes you just want trash pizza. If you eat steak every night sometimes a McDouble just hits the spot. The only problem is how many times did they have to pause the game because one of the coaches had to take a shit. Pizza Hut runs through people like Derrick Henry through a Pop Warner team. There’s bound to be some coach on the Eagles staff with an IBS issue they refuse to diagnose because they love dairy so much. So in that case did Pizza Hut and Nick Sirianni actually give the edge to the Giants this weekend?

Giants fans don’t think so.

They’re using the Eagles coaches having Pizza Hut as a motivation tactic. They think the Birds are overlooking Daniel Jones because Nick Sirianni has the same cravings as your pregnant wife. No one out pizzas the Giants.