Eli Manning Can’t Wait to See How Many Double Birds He Gets at the Linc

via Manningcast on ESPN

Eli Manning will be making his return to the Linc on Saturday:

And he can’t wait for the double birds:

Eagles fans hearing the news:

I can’t wait for all of the Manning faces we’re going to get on the broadcast during the beat down. Does Eli bring his catching flies face? –

Do we get the “hold the fart in, you don’t want to crop dust the entire party in the suite. Fuck Mr. Mara just walked in I don’t really feel like talking to him” face? –

Followed by “Was that me? I really shouldn’t have had that extra helping of eggs” face:

via GolfDigest.com

Or the “Daniel Jones is actually not the future?” face:

Then the “Saquon Barkley long term deal” face:

“Seriously those eggs are doing damage right now” face:

via GolfDigest.com

It’ll probably look a lot like “Realizing my brother is about to tie my number of Super Bowls and all those 2-1 jokes just flew out the window” face:

Over 4.5 Manning Faces we get Saturday. Over 95.5 double birds Eli sees with 50 of those being fromΒ  9 year olds.