Saw this story floating around on Twitter and it looks to be confirmed:

That’s fantastic. Great work by Dr. Louis, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Apparently there was also a nurse in that section, which is crazy. What are the chances of that happening? –

She posted more on the Eagles Nation Facebook page:

“I’m the nurse that first responded to the scene. No one would help me get the guy off of his head and on his back until Vincent showed up. He, another man and I got the guy on his back. Vincent checked his carotid pulse and said it was thready, told me to start compressions until they get there with an AED, so I did. I did a round of compressions and then Vincent took over. The man came to and then EMTs showed. I got out of the way once they were on the scene. Does anyone know how the man made out? I know he was sitting up and talking when they carried him out.”

I don’t see an update on the man posted anywhere, but will update the story if his status is confirmed.

I’m not sure how much nurses, doctors, and first responders make, but it should definitely be a lot more. Sounds like these two saved this guy’s life. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the fan who passed away a couple of years ago, so you see how important it is that responders can get there immediately when these types of things happened.