48 hours until Eagles/Giants, but this social media kerfuffle is a satisfactory precursor.

EROCK got into it with the person running Xfinity Live’s Twitter account over a Giants’ fan group holding a tailgate in the building on Saturday. The CliffsNotes is that “Big Blue Travel” is bringing a bunch of NY fans down here and we asked rhetorically if taking their filthy money was a violation.

That devolved into a lovely exchange here, and I’ve tried to get everything in chronological order, including deleted tweets:






That escalated quickly.

Anyway, the reason we asked about a possible violation is because Xfinity Live is the only bar/restaurant/facility at the sports complex. From an optics standpoint, it does seem a little weird that division rival’s fan group would tailgate there before a playoff game, when the place hypothetically should be packed with Eagles fans. This isn’t week 2 against the Titans, it’s a playoff game against the Giants. Keep these goofballs off our turf. This is football, not a diplomatic trip. We’re getting soft.

On the other hand, Phans of Philly/Green Legion/Philly Sports Trips all run ventures to opposing cities, so what’s the difference there? Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but they don’t get prime real estate at the flagship entertainment district that is literally right across the street from the stadium. (EDIT – I am wrong. I can’t find the Twitter thread, but someone responded to something with pictures of TGL tailgating I think at Dolphins Stadium, so if you posted that, DM me and I’ll add to this story)

For what it’s worth, Xfinity Live is NOT owned by Comcast. It’s owned by “The Cordish Companies,” which is a Baltimore-based developer/operator that builds and then runs a bunch of these “live” venues and other similar properties. To say that Comcast is selling out by allowing a Giants fan tailgate in the building is not technically correct. Cordish is listed on the Comcast Spectacor website as a “partner” company, but they do not own Cordish as a subsidiary, and day-to-day Xfinity Live operations are handled by Cordish people.

Anyway, good Twitter fight here. I feel sated for least 24 more hours. We’re getting closer to kickoff.