Two good ‘ol fashioned ass kickings exactly five years apart. How can you not be romantic about football? It’s like the football gods wanted Kenny Gainwell to go in untouched on 3rd and 9:

In 2018 it was Nick Foles vs. Case Keenum.

In 2023 it’s Jalen Hurts vs. Daniel Jones.

In 2018 it was done through the air with plays like this:

In 2023 it was smash mouth football, running it right down the Giants throat:

In 2018 it was the defensive backs:

In 2023 it was the defensive line:

In 2018 the team would’ve murdered any team that stepped on the field that year:

In 2023 it was Nick Sirianni ready to murder this ref:

In 2018 the team was running on all cylinders thanks to Frank Reich and Doug Pederson’s gameplan.

In 2023 it was Shane Spikeman calling one hell of a game:

In 2018 we had chains.

In 2023 we still have chains. PUT A CHIP IN THE DAMN BALL! –

Two more baby!