Georgia beat TCU 65-7 in the national title game. Alabama fans bitched and moaned (what else is new) because they think they should have been the college playoff as a two-loss SEC team.

Anyway, this is great:

Georgia playing the disrespect card is one of the all-time achievements in sport psychology and/or propaganda. Kirby Smart somehow had these guys believing that a 14-1 team coming off a title was being overlooked. Not even North Korea and Turkmenistan can pull off this level of fabrication. Kim Jong-un has assigned state media to study the Dawgs and their approach to sport psychology.

In reality, Georgia’s preseason over/under was 10.5 regular season wins, based on the 12-game schedule. They opened the season ranked third in the Coaches Poll, behind Alabama and Ohio State. They were double-digit favorites against Tennessee and TCU. They beat everyone except Mizzou and OSU by at least 10 points. Talk about the disrespect!

The only thing with any kind of juice here would be people picking Alabama to win the SEC over UGA, but that’s not exactly a reach. You’re not going out on a limb by choosing the SEC West super power instead of the SEC East super power. If Georgia players and coaches were offended by that, then okay, but Kirby Smart convincing his players that no one believed in them is one of the greatest works of brainwashing since Jim Jones got those people to drink the Kool Aid.