We didn’t do a post about the guy who proposed to his Sixers dancer girlfriend a few weeks back, because we were off for the holidays, but the pair, Chris Girard and Jackie Murtha, were on Preston and Steve Wednesday morning for a pretty entertaining segment about their background and the idea of her being way out of his league:

This dude Chris should be getting a lot more props. Not only did he totally punch above his weight, but he took it in stride with some great jokes and was cruising through social media while getting blasted:

You gotta have some major confidence to not only bag a Sixers dancer, but then joke your way through it with zero hangups. This is why some women say they don’t care about looks, because if you’re funny and you make people laugh and you have a cool personality, then those traits are much more desirable than looking like George Clooney but having the demeanor of Curt Schilling.

My take is that the truth here actually goes far deeper. In reality, a very large portion of men outkicked the coverage. Just look at the assholes you went to high school with, and the wives and children they have now. These are the same people you were doing Bangkok jokes* with at the lunch table, and they married 9s while turning out beautiful kids in the process. I’d say at least 55% of Boyertown graduates punted the figurative football to the goal line before the gunners could even get off the line of scrimmage, myself included. This is much more common than people think. Plus, we as Philadelphia sports fans aren’t exactly known for our looks. My nose is bigger than the one attached to the glasses with the moustache and eyebrows. Incognito! I’m in disguise.

That’s not to take anything away from Girard, who should be getting more props here. This man should be an inspiration to everyone.

*What’s the capital of Thailand? (then you say BANGKOK! and punch your friend in the dick)