A.J. Brown went into more detail on Sunday’s pick six, posting this now-deleted tweet in response to an Emmanuel Acho breakdown:

Here’s what Acho said:

Brown continued by telling everyone to miss him with the bullshit about loafing, in another deleted tweet:

A couple things here. First and foremost, Chris Simms is idiot:

To have that take and then actually watch Gardner Minshew show you how absolutely wrong you were in ONLY two weeks should disqualify you from ever being allowed to give your opinion on football matters ever again. Hurts makes that adjustment at the line.

Second, can we just keep in house shit in house? Do we have to keep burying the backup QB? He’s a backup for a reason. He sucked. Anyone with two eyeballs saw that. But that’s two weeks in a row now a leader at their position is burying a back up. Just fall on the sword like Nick Sirianni and hash it out while watching the tape: