If you haven’t seen it, members of the NAACP protested outside the Union League for awarding Florida governor Ron DeSantis their highest honor. People are pissed! Every member was hit with the Game of Thrones “Shame” chant as they walked in:

Listen, protest all you want, but a red “Hate Hurts” sign during 49ers week? Can’t have it:

I don’t know who’s running brand management over at the NAACP, but maybe we should’ve left this sign at headquarters. What kind of message are we trying to send?

Mink Lady here doing some finger stretches getting ready for the NFC Championship this weekend?

Rest those fingers Mink Lady. Gotta pick and choose. Don’t want that osteoporosis to flare up. We’re going to need you Sunday. By the way, that mink definitely costs a year’s tuition at Temple.

Poor Crutches. Guy just wants to get in there fast as possible and get bombed off of Manhattans. Should’ve moved that ankle surgery up a week or two:

Gotta imagine the worst time to be confined to crutches has to be walking through the middle of a protest. Maybe being the guy stuck behind crutches would be worse? That’s like being stuck behind one of those horse-drawn carriages in Old City when you’re in a rush. Mush bitch!

If anyone from the Union League finds themselves in the middle of a protest again, you gotta hit the hole like this guy did. He went between the tackles and was in that door before anyone could effectively yell shame:

Headphones here gave worse effort than the Giants on that Kenny Gainwell touchdown run last week. He yelped two half assed “Shames” and went back to playing Candy Crush. Can you at least act like you weren’t hired?  –

Look at Magenta playing til the whistle! That’s how you protest:

This lady, on the other hand, had the entire Uber ride to plan her entrance. Just walk in with your head down and take your medicine. Who goes peace sign in this situation?

via @gwensnyderPHL on Twitter

“What do you mean shame? I want peace. Do you not see my fingers?”