43 degrees? That’s what they call a heat warning in Winnipeg. It’s golf weather in Buffalo. Pretty sure 43 was the fourth-coldest day of last week here in Lansdale.

This is a big deal in Duval, however. It got so cold in Jacksonville that they had to cover their plants and turn off water to the outdoor hose bibbs. The ubiquitous guy-playing-acoustic-guitar at every single outdoor bar down there had to actually put shoes on. Jimmy Buffett cover bands went out of business for 24 hours.

We can laugh and joke about this all we want, but 43 degrees in Florida is some serious stuff. Have you ever seen a Floridian in sub-70 temperatures? They’re not equipped for this, kind of like Texas and whatever happened to their power grid. Floridians don’t have snow plows or salt trucks or long sleeve shirts. If the temp dropped 11 more degrees and then it began to precipitate, it could have been a disaster.

Credit to these fans for gutting it out.