John Tortorella Says Ivan Provorov Didn’t Wear Pride Night Warmups as he was “Being True to Himself and his Religion” (updated with Provy quote)

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Just trying to have a relaxing night here and Ivan Provorov decides to skip warmups because he’d rather not skate around wearing a Pride Night jersey.

Torts said this after the game and he’s gonna get crushed:

Provorov didn’t speak yet. I think reporters are going into the locker room now, so we’ll see what he has to say and then I’ll update the story.

EDIT – here’s the Provorov locker room audio:

“I respect everybody and I respect everybody’s choices. My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion… that’s all I’m gonna say. That’s all I’m gonna comment on that…”

He’s saying there that he’s Russian Orthodox, so a Christian.

The gist here is that Provy played the full game, about 23 minutes of ice time, but didn’t come out for warmups, when the team was wearing rainbow-colored LGBTQ jerseys looking like this:

They went to the black and orange jerseys during the game, so these were just for warmups.

This shit I feel like happens at least once per year. A team does a Pride Night, one of the religious or non-American players decides not to participate, and then it becomes a big deal. There was a USWNT player named Jaelene Daniels who decided not to participate in something similar and got obliterated. Funniest thing about this is that Tony DeAngelo wore the Pride stuff, but Provy didn’t so go figure.

For what it’s worth, here’s the Flyers statement: