Josh Harris is the apparent leader in the clubhouse to purchase the Commies, according to JP Finlay at NBC Sports Washington:

Jeff Bezos did not submit an official bid for the Commanders when proposals were due just before Christmas, sources told NBC Sports Washington. More news on the sale front shows that Todd Boehly has pulled out of the Commanders bidding, per multiple sources. 

Boehly was rumored to be among the non-Bezos front-runners for the team, as he’s a graduate of the Bethesda, Md. Landon School and active in professional sports ownership.

That leaves Josh Harris, a D.C. native and the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils, as perhaps the top candidate to buy the Commanders. 

Josh Harris last led a group to buy the Broncos, but backed out when he knew he couldn’t compete with the Walmart family fortune and didn’t want to drive the price up as he looked for another team. He wanted to buy Chelsea and lost out on that, he wanted to buy the Mets andd lost out on that – he’s like the basketball team he owns. Always getting to the second round and losing. I hope Harris does buy the Commies because every soul-crushing playoff loss would sting a little less when the Eagles beat the brakes off them during football season.

What would this mean for the Sixers? Probably nothing. Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment has stakes in a bunch of different teams, including the Devils, Crystal Palace, the Guardians, the Steelers, eSports’ Team Dignitas, and more. This will be an addition to their growing sports empire where the Sixers seem like their crown jewel…for now. They bought the team for $270 million and now it’s worth $3.1 billion.

Can’t wait until Josh Harris lands his helicopter on the Commies’ field during training camp and they have to cancel practice for the day.