LA Fans and LeBron James Think the NBA is Trying to Make the Lakers Lose

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers suck so much their fans’ brains are starting to break. This guy is going full on conspiracy mode because LA lost two straight on close calls:

On Thursday, Christian Wood should’ve been called for a foul according to the last two minute report:

The only difference between that and last night’s game is the L2M Report agreed the refs got it right:

“Embiid slightly extends his arm before retracting it and marginal arm contact occurs with Westbrook during the driving shot attempt.”

Here’s the thing, every team in the NBA has been boned by the refs in the last two minutes. Lakers fans just love feeling persecuted. Why would Adam Silver go out of his way to make sure the most popular team in the league with the most popular player in the NBA loses? Call me crazy, but sabotaging your biggest asset isn’t good for business.

It’s not just tinfoil hat Lakers fans though, it’s LeBron feeding the trolls too:

This would be like if Alex Jones co-signed your buddy’s conspiracy theory about windmills that he came up with on your couch after smoking a bowl. The Lakers didn’t lose last night because they shot 6/20 from three or that they have no bench or Anthony Davis is hurt again. It’s Adam Silver ordering the refs to sabotage the Lakers’ 2022-23 season.