One of the dumbest things sports fans do is ask for a coach or player to show some personality, then complain when it happens.

Case in point, Nick Sirianni wearing a chain in the locker room, or dropping an F bomb on television, or telling Colts fans to piss off, or doing this the other night:

Ask a quick exercise here, I typed “Sirianni” into the Twitter search bar followed by three derogatory words – asshole, douchebag, and piece of shit. This was the top response for each:

It would seem as though fans of other NFL teams are OUT on Sirianni, though it’s unclear if they were ever in. This radio host in Pittsburgh called him a “goddamn goof” and ripped him for gloating against the Giants, so it would seem as though this extends beyond mongrels from Dallas and New York.

It’s the same thing it always is though. You have a hockey player go up to the podium and say absolutely nothing, just give you a bunch of canned platitudes, and people ask for some personality instead. They want Mike Trout to market himself and do this part as a superstar to make baseball interesting. But Nick Sirianni does just that and now he’s douchebag apparently. People gotta pick a lane and stay in it. The guy is passionate and excitable. His players seem to feed off that and reciprocate on the field. He’s a mostly harmless and dorky football-loving type of guy. If you want boring but classy, try Jason Garrett and his stupid clapping.