Philly athletes chugging beers at games needs to catch on:

Jason Kelce set the tone in October, but no one followed:

We need an Aaron Rodgers/David Bakhtiari level of buy-in here from the athletes around Philly. Delete:

Gotta respect the “one second” when he realizes he doesn’t have it tonight. Only a Super Bowl-winning QB would be allowed to pull this move and not get booed out of the building:

Imagine Jalen Hurts sitting courtside at a Sixers game, chugs a tallboy, and points across the court to Jason Kelce. Jason Kelce deletes a couple beers and points cross court to Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata who then throw it over to DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown. Anarchy. Might as well not even play the Super Bowl at that point.

Just no one throw it to Dalton Guthrie. He had half a beer and got SMOKED! Pick it up dude. You were on the playoff roster. We need everyone to be at the top of their game for another World Series run. You know nursing your beer doesn’t play on this team: