Ring that bell brotha! But not too hard.

Sean Brady was handed the mallet at Wells Fargo Center on Monday night:

Jeez. Brady did more damage to the bell than Belal Muhammad!

(Terrible joke, I’m sorry to do Sean like this, but I was pulling hard for him in that fight and he didn’t have a great performance).

But for real, this is strength beyond strength, as Pantera once said. There have been what, like easily 150-250 bell ringers over the years, and Sean Brady is the first to actually damage the bell. Funny thing is that the guy is a better grappler than a striker, so God knows what would have happened if he put the bell in a triangle choke. The thing would have split into two.

All jokes aside, it’s good to see the local UFC guys get some recognition. We’ve got solid fighters in the Philly region and they often get glossed over in the fake news mainstream media, so shout out to the Sixers for representing.