Maya Jama Should Pass Ben Simmons the Rock

practice video screen grab

First time Ben has actually wanted the rock:

She should absolutely give it back. What are you gonna do with it anyway? You’re not married to the guy so you’re not gonna wear it. Are you taking it to the pawn shop? Best I can do is $790,000.

You will find no sympathy on this page for Ben Simmons, who returns Wednesday night to the Wells Fargo Center. But Jama is doing just fine financially and doesn’t need to hang on to the engagement ring. It didn’t work out. Also, an engagement ring is not a “gift.” A gift is a bunch of flowers or a teddy bear. The ring symbolizes a union that did not materialize. Therefore it is now fugazi and without meaning, so the rock should go back to Ben, who will then in turn pass it to a teammate while three feet from the basket.