You cannot stop the double cheek push. You can only hope to contain it:

NFL teams are bitching about it anonymously, according to Kalyn Kahler at The Athletic (with ads):

“Not one team thinks it’s fair,” said an NFL analytics staffer who was granted anonymity by The Athletic because they are not authorized by their team to speak on the matter. “Every team has complained, but you’re allowed to push so basically they reinforced the rules so they didn’t have to talk about it again.”

Even Giants coaches are complaining:

“They’ve taken it to another level,” said Giants defensive line coach Andre Patterson. “One guy is on each cheek and one guy is behind, and all three are pushing him forward. That makes it real difficult to stop.”


The funniest thing about that quote is the Giants lined up in the same formation with three guys behind Daniel Jones last year. It just so happened to be on 2nd and 3rd down… from their own goal line. And it got Joe Judge fired:

So if teams hate it so much,why don’t they replicate the same thing the Eagles have been doing? Probably because they don’t have a QB that can squat a house:

With all this talk about QB sneaks, don’t be surprised if Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen are drawing up a fake in the meeting room right now, ready to break it out in the Super Bowl: