We don’t need to re-litigate the pick six from Sunday’s loss again, and should probably just flush the Saints game deuce at this point, but Nick Sirianni was asked about the play and said this:

The responsibility on that play, again, I’ll go back to my own (responsibility). We were in a three-by-one formation. We shifted the guy up to the line of scrimmage, on to the right side, putting us in a four-by-one. That’s a very recognizable formation. A good corner made a play, with a smart safety on the other side, with 32 and 23 over there. They recognized it. Dennis Allen is a good coach. He recognized it. They had made an adjustment. They made a play.

I’ll never question our guys’ effort. A.J. gives it up for his teammates all the time, every time. So, I’m never going to question (the effort). This is not a team where I’ll ever question our effort because I know how hard these guys go for each other and how hard they go because they’re prideful guys.

Again, going back to that, that’s my responsibility. That’s why they got the interception.

The interception is obviously not on Nick Sirianni, as A.J. Brown and Gardner Minshew already explained what happened, but good on him for going to bat for his guys and falling on the sword. Sirianni’s philosophy is that he’s the guy at the very top, so he tells the media that it all starts and ends with him, like the football version of Harry S. Truman explaining where the buck stops. It’s somewhat comical in manifestations like this one, but it’s better than Sirianni throwing his guys under the bus, or some other alternative.