Nick Sirianni Was Caught Rocking a Dream Chasers Chain in the Eagles Locker Room

via ceedy.duce on Instagram

Nick Sirianni was in the locker room iced out in a Dream Chasers chain so big he might have neck soreness today:

Miles Sanders saying, “oh shit!” as he saw the chain was hilarious:

Your buddy on Instagram live after 10 Modelo’s:

Man would I HATE Nick Sirianni if he wasn’t my coach. Say he coached the Cowboys or the Giants and we saw him running down the sidelines celebrating with players after touchdowns or undressing refs on a hot mic. We’d all have to say four Hail Mary’s and five Our Fathers the next time we went to confession:

He’s a doofus. But he’s our doofus. He’s like your idiot friend you all clown on, but the minute someone outside the friend group takes a swipe at him you’re all there to defend his honor. He’s been apart of like 10 different memes since the beginning of the season. Shit he had a new one today:

But he just so happens to be ridiculously good at coaching ball and one win away from a Super Bowl berth.