I love a mayor’s bet but this one isn’t off to the greatest start (via CBS News here) –

I got a couple of thoughts on this.

  1. Why not just a regular cheesecake? Does Jim Kenney have some dietary restrictions we don’t know about? Nope. It turns out the NYC mayor is actually the vegan one. Ok. So why are we pushing our food ideologies on someone else? Get the mayor a regular-ass cheesecake.
  2. Mayor Kenney will probably rebuttal with a vegan cheesesteak and people will shit all over it and say “mayor’s bets have gone woke blah blah blah.” I’ll tell you right now, if I blindfolded you and put chicken and seitan (vegan meat) on a plate in front of you, you wouldn’t know the difference. I’ve only had vegan food a couple of times, but the vegan cheesesteak at Monk’s is spectacular. You wouldn’t know it was any different than a regular one. Don’t come for me in the comments until you try it.

I know you probably expected me to shit all over this idea, but like Bill Gluckman, who’s down with the bitches and hoes, Kyle Pagan is down with vegan food (to a T). For real though, mayor Adams send a greasy pizza or some bagels and lox to City Hall. Shit, send a chopped cheese the ocky way: